5 Things Every Senior Must Give Their Nursing Home

There are some seniors who are fortunate enough to spend the entirety of their lives outside of a retirement home, however, at some point in time, they might fall ill and need to be placed in a nursing home in Richmond, VA. While many people believe nursing homes to be a ghastly place, they have actually improved in the last two decades and are now a very pleasant alternative to a hospital. Moving into a nursing home can still be quite intimidating, however, which is why bringing some personal objects along can help seniors cope with the sudden change. The following are the top 5 things every senior citizen should bring to their nursing home.


One of the most entertaining ways a person can spend the time is by reading, as it allows them to escape into the pages of their book. When a senior is being moved to a nursing home in order to recuperate from a condition or illness, it can be beneficial for them to bring a stack of books along with them. In addition, bringing their pair of reading glasses is also going to be a must. With the help of a good book, seniors can feel as though their time spent in a retirement home is going by quickly, all the while strengthening their mind in the process.

Photo Albums

While most nursing homes in Richmond, VA, are going to allow guests to visit their loved ones throughout the day, they typically don’t allow them to stay past a certain point of day. In order for senior citizens to feel at home or connected to their loved ones, bringing a photo album with them to their nursing home can help them feel close to their families. If bringing an entire photo album is not a possibility, seniors can choose a picture frame that they especially love and place it on the bedside table of them nursing home bed.

Comfortable Clothing

Wearing a hospital gown isn’t something that is typically required of senior citizens who are staying in a nursing home, which is why bringing a bag of comfortable clothing is going to be worthwhile. Wearing comfortable clothing while lying down in bed is a must, as jeans and other clothing items are far from optimal.

A Personal Object

A great way for seniors to feel close to their loved ones or simply at home in their nursing home is by bringing a personal object along with them. Brining a quilt, a necklace, a pair of slippers, Bonuses etc, can help them cope with the change.

A Cell Phone

Cell phones are also good to bring, as seniors click reference can use them to converse with their friends and family.

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